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Hey Reader,

Next week, we’ll be hosting our 3rd and final AI Demo Day – our AI Incubator student showcase, where our Innovator students show all the cool stuff they’ve built using our AI Incubator curriculum.

Personally, it’s something I’m really proud of, because from our cohort of 75 new students that started in January, we have a 98.7% success rate.

And for students who joined our private mentorship program, the success rate was 100%.

It’s made it clear to me that what we’ve got is something really special, and in keeping with our mission to help executives and entrepreneurs harness the power of AI, we want to make it even easier for more of you to Innovate with AI.

So, to do that, we’re making some major upgrades to every level of the AI Incubator.

Level 3 - Private Mentorship:

Launch in 24 Hours (Guaranteed)

What is it:

The AI Incubator Private Mentorship includes everything in the Complete Program (course, curriculum, live training) plus the highest level of access to me and my software development team to accelerate your AI launch.

It has been designed and redesigned from the ground up to supercharge your planning, building and launch process. Beyond that, we guarantee that you will be ready to show your prototype to clients, customers and/or investors in the next 60 days.

Total time investment on your part is about 24 hours over that time period – based on the average it took our last round of mentorship students.

New changes:

We’ll literally build it together: We’ve added three “Build It With You” sessions with our professional software development team (my employees at HDC) to make sure you have all the tech expertise you need to launch your prototype.

Meet fellow mentorship students: And we’ve added monthly ‘Mastermind’ networking events where you can meet up via Zoom with all your fellow private mentorship students for a full year.

Why it matters:

The Private Mentorship is built so that you can launch your prototype in 24 hours. But you don’t need to block out a full day – instead, we provide you with a feasible schedule so you can put 3 hours a week into your project for 8 weeks and come out on the other side with a functional prototype that’s ready to share with customers, clients and investors.


We have 15 Private Mentorship spots opening up in April – and we’re making the payment plan 4x better than it was just a few months ago.

Before: Last time around, the investment in the Private Mentorship was 3 monthly installments of $3,997.

Now: Your investment is just $997/mo over the course of 12 monthly installments.

And it’s backed by our Innovation Guarantee, which basically says that you’ll launch your prototype in 60 days no matter what.

How to know if this is right for you:

The students who benefit most from the Private Mentorship have busy day jobs (medical practices, consulting companies, jobs at universities) and value not only the hands-on coaching and technical expertise, but also the accountability that helps them stick to a schedule, focus on their project and launch fast.

Here’s Dr. Laura Davies, who just finished her mentorship and showed her demo to 100k+ people this month:

"I actually got an app that worked – that never in a million years would have happened had I not done the Incubator … This would no question have taken me six months [without the Incubator] … Working with Rob and having Demo Day coming up made this happen." (full video)

And here’s Dr. Grady Batchelor, a Private Mentorship student who presented his demo on April 2 (replay here):

“Having Rob as a thought partner – and a meeting with Rob that held me accountable – that was huge.

It was worth every penny, quite frankly, having him there so I knew, okay, I've got to have this done.

And it also helped me to push everybody else who was working with me [within my organization] because we did this in less than 60 days – about 45 days from beginning to end. And this could have taken months if we had let it.”

What students say about this:

Three of our Mentorship students (Jessica, Mircea and Chuck) built AI processes that save them 10+ hours a week of work in their medical and consulting practices – that’s thousands of dollars a week in savings.

Our other two Mentorship students (Laura and Grady) built products that will be bringing in revenue within months (easily covering a $997/mo investment).

In other words, the Private Mentorship easily pays for itself because it dramatically speeds up the launch of your AI product or process and spreads out your investment over a full 12 months.

Level 2 - The AI Incubator Complete Program:

Course, Coaching, Community

What is it:

The Complete Program is our signature combination of the Incubator course, coaching and community that’s helped 500+ professionals turn their AI ideas into reality. (And it’s the exact program that had a 98.7% success rate for the cohort that joined in January.)

I’ve spent 18 months and more than $100,000 developing the curriculum, frameworks, and methods we teach in the Complete Program, and 18 of our alumni have already launched their products and processes to 100k+ people via Demo Day.

New changes:

On-Demand Trainings: The Complete Program is continuously updated every time we do a new Live Coaching and Live Training session. (Recent trainings covered Wearable/Handheld AI devices, Medical AI, and AI data privacy.)

That means the curriculum never goes out of date and you never miss a beat, even with the AI industry moving at lightning speed. You’ll get instant access to those trainings (plus a year of future Live Trainings and updates) with your Complete Program enrollment.


We’ve slashed the upfront investment in the Complete Program to make it even easier to join the world’s best AI community (250+ creators, builders and doers) and get lifetime access to the proven Incubator curriculum.

Before: Last time around, the investment in the Complete Program was 6 monthly installments of $397.

Now: Your investment is just $197/mo over the course of 12 monthly installments.

How to know if this is right for you:

Community Connection: Our Innovator Community is exceptionally supportive – if being around the right group of people who will nerd out with you, cheer you on, and help you stay on track when times get tough sounds good, then you’re in the right place.

Honestly, it’s been incredible to see the networking and camaraderie that’s been happening in the Innovator Community (250+ AI enthusiasts from medical doctors to PhDs to Apple and Oracle employees) – I’m in Slack getting to know our students every single day.

The Coaching Advantage: If you also know that having direct expert feedback on our live coaching calls on your specific AI idea will get you across the finish line faster, then this is also right for you.

The always-up-to-date live training, live group coaching and active community allow Complete Program students to get their questions answered quickly, to connect with their fellow creators, and to take their AI education experience to a whole new level. That’s why we designed the Complete Program around three pillars: Curriculum, Coaching and Community.

What students say about this:

Here’s Erich Archer, an Emmy-winning TV producer and Incubator student who used our program to launch not one, but two new AI prototypes in just a few months:

“Evaluating any professional development program requires careful consideration.

Anything that takes time and money away from other things needs to provide a ton of value.

And this program allows me to cut through the noise, understand where my ideas fit in the big picture of AI, advance my ideas and network with some really amazing people…if you’re trying to navigate this new business landscape, this is a great place to start.”

Level 1 - The AI Incubator Essential Program:

Curriculum, Videos, Tools, Worksheets

What is it:

The Essential Program includes our entire nine-module Innovating with AI Incubator curriculum, and you get lifetime access to everything so that you can take it at your own pace.

It’s exactly the same course content you get in the Complete Program with all 9 “Innovation Sprint” modules – we’re not holding anything back:

  • Innovation Sprint 1: Find Your Idea – Select, Refine and Timeline Your Best Idea(s) [Modules 1-3]
  • Innovation Sprint 2:Build Your Idea – Go from Idea to AI Product or Process [Modules 4-6]
  • Innovation Sprint 3: Launch Your Idea – Go from Idea to AI Business [Modules 7-9]

The whole curriculum can be completed in 30 days (fast pace) or at your own schedule (60-90 days at a relaxed pace).

New changes:

We’re offering the Essential Program without the Live Coaching, Live Training and Community components (which are only available in Level 2 and up) for the first time, which means the Incubator is now more financially accessible than ever before.


We got creative to make the Essential Program a comfortable investment, even if you’re on a budget, just starting out, or getting your employer to foot the bill as a professional development expense.

First, we cut the price in half compared to the Complete Program. Then, we doubled the payment period (from 6 months to 12) to cut your upfront investment to one-quarter of what it would have been in our last cohort.

You can get lifetime access to the Incubator Essential Program for just $97/month ($3.19 a day) paid in 12 monthly installments.

We’ve never offered a price point like this and I am very excited to open the Incubator to a much wider range of new students now that we’ve perfected our systems 🥳.

I can confidently promise you’ll be thrilled with the results from the new Essential Program.

How to know if this is right for you:

If you’re the type of student that’s great at studying in a library by yourself (or wherever), then this is the option for you. It’s also for you if you’ve had your eyes on joining our programs for a while, but weren’t able to invest at a higher level (yet).

We built the Essential Program for students who want to launch their AI ideas using the proven, core process that we’ve already shared with (and tested on) 500+ students over the past year.

If you want self-guided, lifetime access to the Incubator curriculum and aren’t ready to invest in the monthly live trainings and Innovator Community (250+ like-minded professionals), the Essential Program is your ideal starting point.

What students say about this:

“From the outside I always think solutions like what we’re learning will be complicated to implement — but I love how you broke it down into easily understandable context and also explained all the jargon as you went along. That’s super helpful in learning – and also keeping the imposter syndrome away.”

– Daniel Schutzsmith, Digital Project Manager

What’s Next: Our 3rd and Final Demo Day on Tuesday, April 16

If you have any questions about the Private Mentorship, the Essential Program, our new payment plans or anything else related to the Incubator, just click reply and I’ll get right back to you.

In the meantime, stay tuned for next week’s third and final Demo Day (add to calendar).

We’re opening Incubator enrollment during the Demo Day event and will be announcing a big bonus to everyone who’s there live.

See you there,

– Rob

PS. Watch 4 Incubator students show their new AI products and processes in our third and final Demo Day on Tuesday. Be there live for a special one-day-only bonus. Add to calendar >

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